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What is Heartfull?

Heartfull is a free app that bridges the communication gap between people who need help and support through life’s challenges, and their community of family and friends who would love to help in the best way possible.

We’re hard at work developing the Heartfull app and website. Our aim is to make the process of asking for and receiving help as seamless as possible, ensuring you and your loved ones are best supported through any challenge life brings.


Heartfull only exists as a result of your generous hearts. Heartfull will remain a free service, ensuring people needing to use it don’t have the extra stress of having to pay for it. Your donations are what makes that possible.

A message from Heartfull’s
founder, Lauren Smith…

Heartfull was an idea that my husband Jake and I dreamed of in 2019. Many would describe 2019 as our year from hell, and in many ways, it was. Jake became severely unwell in January and by the beginning of February was diagnosed with a very aggressive Stage 4 Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma.

As newlyweds, our life quickly turned upside down and appointments, treatment, surgeries, procedures and illness became our normal. Through this, there was no doubt we needed a supportive community around us, however, despite there always being good intentions from our community, we did struggle with the complexities that our circumstances brought to our existing relationships.


We know that when life is tough, it is so vital that you are surrounded by a beautiful support system of family and friends and would hate for trivial things to jeopardise that. We knew there was an abundance of people who would help us if we asked, the problem was that when I suddenly needed to ask for help, I wasn’t sure who would be available or willing and I would end up being too afraid to ask.

I specifically remember one day as I was doing the washing, I realised we needed washing powder and I wasn’t sure when I would be able to go to the shops next as Jake needed full time care. I remember thinking that there were so many people who had offered help previously, but who would genuinely be free and willing to buy washing powder for me at the last minute and drive it out to me.

I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a tool that helped navigate these things, and the vision for Heartfull sparked. See, the love and willingness to help was there from friends and family, and the need was there, but there was a gap between the two. Heartfull aims to bridge that gap by helping friends and families channel their love and support in a way that is meeting yours and your loved one’s needs.

After a very brave and gracious battle, it was Jake’s time to rest in Heaven and he passed away in October 2019. Amongst the horrors of 2019, there were still abundant blessings. One of those blessings was the ability to dream about this project together and the good that it would bring. I am in awe of how special things can come from the most challenging times. If Heartfull can help one family navigate life’s challenges a little easier, then my heart will be full.

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